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Telemarketing Lead Generation Services

Outsource telemarketing lead generation services to leverage the consultative selling techniques of our skilled agents to convert prospects into leads.

ExpertCallers have over 12 years of experience in providing successful telemarketing lead generation services. We have helped our clients kickstart their business with the right telemarketing leads and increase them by leaps and bounds. Our skilled telemarketing service agents have leveraged their outstanding skills to maintain a long-term relationship with your customers.

Our experienced agents have mastered various proven tactics to deal with customers and convert them in a seamless manner. Our agents know that all customer needs are not the same, and hence implement different approaches for generating quality leads. Their highly systematic and streamlined approach is personalized according to customer needs, which is why they are always in a position to identify potential buyers immediately. Their excellent bilingual (English and Spanish) and multilingual (German, French, Japanese etc.) communication skills help to connect with regional customers with ease. This aside, they have strong problem-solving and advisory skills, and adopt an empathetic to ensure optimum customer satisfaction.

Our Range of Telemarketing Lead Generation Services

We offer a range of telemarketing lead generation services to promote business ventures. These include:

  • Lead generation
  • Lead management
  • B2B cold calling leads
  • Product promotion leads
  • Debt collection leads
  • Decision maker contact leads
  • Database selling leads
  • Mortgage lead generation
  • Appointment setting leads
  • Upsell/cross-sell campaigns
  • Market intelligence leads
  • Research surveys and polling
  • Direct mail follow-up leads
  • Seminar population leads
  • Web based business development leads

How We Assist You Grow Your Business

The scope of our telemarketing lead generation services includes the following:

  • Devise a plan by analyzing the client’s requirements.
  • Follow the analyzed plan and implement it to meet the required goals.
  • Generate quality leads based on their requirements and schedule meetings with the leads.
  • Generate follow-up calls to prospective leads who have shown no immediate interest.
  • Monitor the leads till they turn into loyal customers.
  • Incorporate feedback to help customer understand interests and trends

Advantages of Outsource Telemarketing Lead Generation Services

The key reason for outsourcing lead generation services is to increase the efficiency and decrease costs.

By outsourcing our lead generation services, clients can manage important areas of their sales process with ease, such as prospecting, qualifying, closing and onboarding. Also, the conversion rates are maintained at optimum without compromising quality.

By outsourcing the telemarketing lead generation services to developing countries like Philippines and India, huge costs are saved, and the services of their huge pool of talented agents can be leveraged to create a large and loyal customer base.

Companies can also gain various other benefits by outsourcing their telemarketing lead generation requirements. These benefits include studying market, identifying prospective sales opportunities, and understanding competition.

We are Different; Here's Why

Personalized Script

We ensure that our customers get the best service experience by making our agents follow the personalized scripts. These scripts are exclusively made to fit the customer requirements as per the data received. This ensures minimal waste of time in gauging the customer needs and devoting maximum time to trigger their interest.

Multilingual Proficiency

We provide multilingual services in English, Spanish, Japanese, German and various other languages. This approach prevents you from losing out on customer base due to language disparities. Our agents have years of experience in bilingual or multilingual speaking and so can approach customers with natural accent.

Follow-up Methods

Our company is recognized as one of the top telemarketing lead generation service providers because of our efficient follow-up approach. We see all possible prospects as a capable loyal customer and hence try to make the most of every interaction we have with them. With effective follow-up calls, we decrease the loss of prospective loyal customers by two-third.

Here’s How Companies Have Gained Value by Hiring Our Telemarketing Lead Generation Services

  • We have been hired by a Berlin-based company to increase their leads with telemarketing. We helped them triple their lead generation in 3 months’ time.
  • Our telemarketing lead generation services have benefitted a US-based company to increase their quality leads by 40%.

Why Outsource Your Requirements of Telemarketing Lead Generation Services to ExpertCallers

As a premier telemarketing lead generation company, we have been ensuring benefits such as:

  • Access to a team of 1000 plus lead generation experts with minimum experience of 5 years
  • Bilingual and multilingual services
  • Robust lead generation approaches to cater to unique needs
  • Proper quality control system to filter leads
  • Personalized scrips to convince and build everlasting relationships
  • Proper monitoring systems to assess agent performance
  • Up to 40% rise in sales figures
  • Secure infrastructure to ensure data security and integrity
  • Weekly/monthly report generation as per SLA
  • Affordable and cost-effective pricing

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