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Outsource Product Recall Management Services

Managing Recalls, Augmenting Loyalty

At ExpertCallers, we’ve built our expertise around consumer product recalls. When manufacturers, retailers or others are faced with a recall action, ExpertCallers has the tools and talents necessary to help you chart the difficult waters of product recall.

By applying our knowledge, experience, and best practices to your business, you will be able to clearly navigate through the recall process helping to ensure that you efficiently and effectively protect your revenue, brand, and customer loyalty.

Comprehensive Offshore Product Recall Management Solution

Our outsourced product recall and corrective action management services include:

  • Product testing to identify safety issues
  • Risk assessment services
  • Assistance in meeting the requirements of the General Product Safety Directive
  • Product disposal
  • Project management services including reporting and cost analysis
  • Advanced analytics to more effectively plan for potential future product recalls

Our Product Recall Management Services Life Cycle

Planning & Testing

We give utmost importance to planning and testing. Our expert team comes up with a customized recall plan taking into account every minute consideration and rigorously test it to ensure it is foolproof.

Notification & Response

By providing quick, efficient and fully-documentable communication, we ensure that customer feel safe during the entire life-cycle of the recall process.

Compliance & Regulatory Reporting

We have implemented industry-leading recall technologies that tracks and records every step in the recall process. This makes regulatory reporting easier and ensures total compliance.

Processing, Remedy & Disposal

Our team is full-equipped with all the technology and resources needed to remove, process, and dispose of affected product, thereby providing a robust recall resolution.

Recall Retrieval

We not only have the expertise and resources to remove and isolate affected product, but also ensure that non-affected product remains on shelves, thereby protecting your brand and bottom line.


Our recall solutions are designed to have minimal environmental impact, reduce costs, and generate goodwill among customers with regards to your brand.

We are Different; Here's Why

Focused Talk

We strive to understand your customers' wants, needs and challenges to help them in the best possible way. So, we first listen and then reply with the confidence needed to make them understand and appreciate.

Present Solutions

We talk less about your product and more about the benefit it bears to them. That’s why it takes us almost nothing to convince your customers about your products.

Manage Doubts

We keep ourselves prepared to manage doubts with clear and concise answers. That’s why we easily create trust among your prospects.

Quality Monitoring System

We have a well-developed call monitoring system to track the quality of every call. So, we match consistency levels of the highest orders.

Here’s How Companies Have Benefitted by Outsourcing Product Recall Management Services to ExpertCallers?

  • Our product recall management services helped an Australia-based retailer to handle 1000+ recalls in a seamless and cost-effective manner
  • We helped a medical device manufacturer to successfully complete a large-scale international recall and enhanced brand loyalty

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Why Outsource Product Recall Management Services to ExpertCallers?

The benefits of outsourcing product recall management services to an expert product recall management company like ExpertCallers are many. This includes:

  • Exhaustive product-knowledge training provided to staff
  • Strict adherence to your guidelines and specifications
  • Maximum customer satisfaction
  • 24X7 assistance
  • Flexible and transparent pricing without hidden costs
  • Customized support services
  • At least 40% savings on product promotion costs
Superior customer experience leads to a 10-15% increase in revenue - McKinsey

When you outsource product recall management services to ExpertCallers, you’ll partner with a product recall management company that is extremely skilled in handling the complexities involved in product recall management efficiently.

Contact us today and experience the benefits of outsourcing product recall management services to ExpertCallers.