Our Multilingual Customer Support Helped Triple a Global Brand's Sales

The Client:

The client is a global manufacturer of scales and analytical instruments and is based out in North America and Europe. The instruments are used for scientific research and in quality control labs, drug discovery centers, and chemical, food and cosmetics industries.


The Requirement

The client wanted to reach out to existing customers and qualified prospects in USA, UK, Australia, Spain, Mexico and Brazil to gather feedback and identify needs and interest in its products. Convinced with our expertise, the client roped us in and set us a target of reaching out to 60,000 contacts on a quarterly basis.



The two challenges we faced upfront included:

  • Picking candidates with right multilingual skills
  • Developing multi-lingual training module
  • Ensuring a high conversion ratio of 50%


From our talent pool of multilingual support agents, we picked a team of 20 agents with proficiency in English (USA, UK, and AUS), Spanish and Portuguese. We categorized the agents’ linguistic capabilities by primary or native language, followed by additional languages and took care to connect native speakers to customers who spoke the same language. The training modules were developed by multilingual trainers, who also imparted rigorous training to the agents on client products, customer support policies and guidelines. To provide adequate support, we choose a robust telecom solution, with a series of back-up and overflow options and complete recording facilities. Aside from these, we set up a multi-lingual QA team to monitor calls and provide feedback



Our services helped our client to:

  • Better understand market requirements
  • Better understand product performance
  • Create tremendous product awareness
  • Double appointment settings with qualified prospects
  • Increase sales-closing by more than 60%
  • Increase up-sell and cross-sell products to existing customers

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