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Multi-channel Customer Support for a Domain Registry Service Provider

The Client:

The client is a London-based domain registry service provider. It manages .la and .pw extensions, and is the back-end provider for sixty new top-level domain applications.


The Requirement

The client had to deal with diverse customers with equally diverse requirements. Most of them had little or no knowledge about internet domain registration. Informing them correctly about choosing and registering a domain name, buying domain name from someone else, maintaining an existing domain name, rights to a disputed domain name, dealing with people using their domain names etc. was critical to the success of their business. So, the client approached us to ensure customer queries were handled efficiently. They wanted us to handle queries through calls, emails and chat.



Addressing customer issues with 3 standalone communication mediums made the operational environment very complex. Overcoming this was our biggest challenge, as it needed the creation of an integrated environment to handle all 3 modes of communication. Added to this was the need to provide agents with complete domain registration knowledge and train them to handle multi- channels deftly, particularly when there was a need for multi-tasking.



We set up a team of over 50 agents led by 5 highly experienced managers, who provided expert training on domain registration activities and clarity about strategy, goals and communication tactics. Our agents were trained for the following:

  • To take calls and provide relevant information on domain registration
  • Address orders and subscription related queries
  • Log tickets and close it within the stipulated time frame
  • Resolve all email queries
  • Log cases and escalate it to the right team
  • Upselling to acquire more business

And to create an integrated environment, we embraced a unified agent solution to ensure all customer interactions - voice, email, web chat and social media – could be coordinated through a single user interface. This helped us streamline system navigation, and reduce average time significantly.



Our services helped the client register high productivity and customer satisfaction levels. Issues were resolved fast and queries were settled quick time. Impressed with our competency the client decided to give our contract an extension with additional resources, much before the completion of the 6 months’ trial term.

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