Inbound & Outbound Support for a UK-based Safety Promotion Company

The Client:

Sahai Life is a UK-based global company working towards empowering the public to contribute in the provision of basic safety and urgent care. By leveraging wearable technology and IoT, the company aims to make emergency care services more accessible.


The Requirement

The client approached us for inbound and outbound customer support. The scope of the task included:

  • Handling third line of support for critical cases.
  • Calling back customers to close open or pending cases.


As the nature of the work involved incident handling, we had to choose agents possessing great communication skills, considerable patience and right experience. Further, we had to train the agents on the process and ways to deal with people who seek help in acute distress.



To meet the client’s requirements, we formed two different teams of inbound and outbound callers. The agents were chosen based on skills like listening to the caller intently and conveying a solution quickly, in plain and simple terms. Rigorous training was imparted on a variety of possible emergency scenarios and ways to comfort and guide panic stricken people. The emphasis was on how to reduce average speed to answer without compromising on customer satisfaction.



Our solution helped the customer provide efficient contact center support to its customers 24x7. Further, our solution was cost-effective enough for the client to realize more profits through savings. The client had initially signed up for 1 month trial, but prior to the completion of the term they approved an extension of contract and added additional resources for enhanced customer support.