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The year 2020 is witnessing a major shift in the way businesses operate. With social distancing and PPE starting to become second nature, there is a gradual shift from brick and mortar operations to e-commerce.  It is a turning point for many businesses as they are going through what is being dubbed as the ‘digital transformation’. This sudden push towards a digital future has left many businesses struggling to provide the right support to a sudden influx of online customers. 

ecommerce call center services

Enter outsourcing services.  

Indian call center outsourcing service providers such as Expert Callers are extending their support to e-commerce businesses in their journey towards digital transformation. Outsourced call center service providers provide all the vital functions required by businesses so they can thrive during these challenging times.

Outsourced call centers provide many support functions although the depth of features they provide varies from provider to provider. Excellent customer support plays an important part in an e-commerce business’s success. With the realization that experts are taking care of the support side of their business, e-commerce business owners can thrive and maximize profits. 

So if you are a business owner who has recently made the shift to e-commerce, here are four support functions you should focus on, especially during this pandemic and how outsourcing call centers can help.

Inbound Customer Support Services

Your customers will have questions and you want all of them answered to ensure you can serve them during these trying times. Inbound call center outsourcing service providers based in countries like India and Philippines can help your e-commerce business thrive by providing cost-effective customer support services. When you outsource from a trusted company, you can rest assured that all your customers and prospects will get their queries answered instantly. With the current Covid-19 situation, it is vital that you authenticate your customers with care because fraud is at an all-time high. Several reports show an unusual spike in fraud cases because of the general public apprehension which has made it easier for fraudsters to target innocent people.

Due to the sudden change in how businesses operate, fraudsters have hit a jackpot because businesses and customers are most vulnerable. However, with proper authentication methods that are used in outsourced centers, you can put a stop to this. Instead of using data such as date of birth, full name, and SSN that are easily available to fraudsters, authentication is done through other means. For example, authenticating using OTPs sent via email, phone, or SMS. Having more than one authentication method can provide better security. Leading companies like Expert Callers have ramped up tech and resources to provide state-of-the-art authentication procedures to ensure fraudsters aren’t able to get any information and capitalize on the general panic.

Telemarketing Services

Telemarketing services are a part of outbound call center services. During the pandemic, you want to leverage excellent telemarketing services so you can get leads who will eventually turn into your loyal customers. Although telemarketing continues to be an important tool for sales, a fresh coat of paint is required in order to make this technique work during the current crisis. Now, it is extremely vital for agents to be empathetic to the people they are speaking to. Scripts have to be tweaked and need to embrace a supportive tone in order to suit the current situation. People are not as willing to purchase anymore due to uncertainty which means agents need to give them assurance and faith while ensuring they are not pushing them to buy which will only tarnish your business’s reputation.

This balance can be tricky to achieve which is why skilled experts are better suited to do the job. They know how to create mindful scripts that work for the situation and to ensure people are treated with care. One of the exceptional examples of call center service providers in India is Expert Callers which provides outbound call center services to all types of businesses. We provide numerous outbound call center services including telemarketing services. In these services, you are provided with numerous sub-services that include cross-selling services, up-selling services, appointment setting, inbound telemarketing, and telemarketing consulting among others.

Email Support Services

With the advent of the 2020 pandemic, gone are the days of physical customer support stores. Email support services are witnessing a huge spike because everyone is staying at their home to minimize physical contact. As an e-commerce business owner, you need to think of strategies to ensure you are providing email support services without delay. When a customer or lead sends an inquiry through email, it is your job to respond to it with empathy and transparency. The COVID-19 crisis has not been kind to anyone but you should ensure you maintain a good relationship with your future and existing customers. Why take the strain of responding to queries through email when there are plenty of outsourcing companies that can do it for you at scale?

With offices in India and Philippines we at Expert Callers, offer a wide gamut of industry-leading call center outsourcing services including email support services to business owners located in the US and Europe We have quickly adapted to the changing times and have been swift to change how we manage operations during the post-COVID-19 phase. Although we were serving numerous clients when the pandemic started, we have been quick and efficient in deploying remote teams to ensure the business continuity of our clients. We equipped our employees with the right tools, tech and training to help them continue to provide the best Email support services to ensure business continuity. 

Chat Support Services

Chat support services enable you to interact with your prospective and existing customers with ease and at the same time minimizing physical contact. This real-time interaction can be a way for you to connect with your audience effectively and it should be carefully done during this time. For example, they may be concerned about how you are shipping, how you are ensuring safe delivery, and so on. Your agents should be equipped to answer questions relating to your business and how you are handling operations in the midst of the COVID chaos.

A wrong response in a live chat can affect your business which is why outsourcing call center services to specialists in India for chat support services might be the best idea. For example, Expert Callers ensures remote monitoring of processes, including ensuring all agents are well armed and familiar with the required links to support pages and troubleshooting guides to better serve customers in real-time. This constant learning mechanism helps our agents provide extraordinary chat support that helps your business grow even in these testing times. Connecting to people through chat support requires the right skill and the right tech – a combination that call centers such as Expert Callers can provide.

They call it crisis; we call it continuity:

Expert Callers is one of the best call center outsourcing companies in India for e-commerce businesses. We are equipped to handle all types of support during the pandemic thanks to the above-mentioned measures in place. Reach out to us to chart out a viable strategy as you take your first steps into the E-commerce domain.