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Customer services has always been on high demand. This is because, customer service is key to build a loyal customer base. With the rise of consumerism, customers expect 24/7 customer services. Without a trustworthy, efficient and effective customer service, any venture stands the risk of losing its trust with its customers.

When is the Right Time for you to Consider Outsourcing Customer Services

You can consider investing on outsourcing customer service, when the magnitude of customer enquiries gets too much to handle in an efficient way. Since, catering to the demanding needs of the customers would be one of the top priorities of a company, you would want to approach it by leveraging the financial and human resources to the fullest and saving costs. Hence, outsourcing work to a third party could be considered.

However, there are many companies who deny that outsourcing customer services has any significant benefits. This belief is either because of lack of knowledge or because of a bad experience with certain substandard service providers. All said and done, believing in the purported disadvantages of outsourcing is a myth. With growing competency in the business world, it is not wise to believe outdated myths and hence ruin chances to better the rate of success.

Truths Exposed

The following are the myths, which need to be addressed with authentic truths-

1. Myth- Outsourcing Customer Service is a Costly Affair

You would assume that outsourcing services is an expensive affair. Inhouse employees might seem like a cost saving investment. But the truth of the matter is that the expenditure incurred in maintaining an inhouse team is far more than outsourcing the service. With an in-house set up, training, electricity, work space maintenance, technology maintenance, quality assurance and data security can prove to be very expensive.

2. Myth- Company’s Brand Identity will be Lost

You would have heard of experiences of other companies with outsourcing their call centre services, leading to the loss of their brand identity. This mostly happens when the call service centres try to fit your company into their approach model. But this is not always the case

You don’t face these if you choose your partners carefully. Your partner must have have the immaculate quality of imbibing themselves into your company culture. They would firstly understand your company culture and then blend in their approach in a harmonious manner, such that, your brand identity remains intact.

3. Myth- only the inhouse Customer Service Team is Enough

You might be satisfied with the company’s inhouse customer service team. They might be effectively managing and enriching the relationship with your customers, hence successfully increasing the customer base. But this doesn’t mean everything is well.

There will be a time, when the inhouse team would not be enough. This happens when there is a sudden peak in customer enquiries, additional operational and human resource tasks etc.

Outsourcing the customer services would help you deal with these sudden spikes more efficiently and without incurring too much costs.

4. Myth- Quality of the Customer Service Outsourcing Company would be Poor

You might feel that for saving costs, the quality of the customer service might be compromised leading to a loss of customer base.

This is not true in the case of authentic customer service company. Such company’s value transparency and customer satisfaction. They would provide you with unlimited control over their agents through their effective collaborative processes. Their customer care specialists would add value to your brand since they would have gone through rigorous training to imbibe your brand culture.

5. Myth- Loss of Control Over the Employees of the Service Outsourcing Company

You could be concerned about risking the loss of your brand identity and customer satisfaction because of loss of control over the customer service employees.

If this reason was holding you back, the innovative technologies and advanced cross platform business tools have made it easier than ever to achieve real-time monitoring of the outsourced service agents. This can make you feel more in control and remain aligned with your company’s core values without any compromise.

6. Myth- Language Disparities

There could be chances of hiring a customer service outsourcing company, whose agents have language accents that are unreliable and confusing leading to the loss of customers.

This problem was previously dealt by outsourcing the customer service to offshore companies in developing countries such as India, Philippines and more. These countries had talented, trainable and well-educated graduates who were great at speaking English and multiple other languages in an accent-free way.

7. Myth- All the Customer Service Providers are just like any other, hence its Better to Hire the Cheapest

The core values of a company make it unique from the others. If you hire cheap companies, you would miss out on the providers core values.

To avoid this, it’s always advisable for you to seek and understand whether the core values of your company and that of the customer service outsourcing company coincides. Your investment must bring value to your company; hence, it shouldn’t always be about the cost incurred.


You could efficiently leverage tactical and strategic practices from experts in the industry, while still maintaining a command over your customer base.

Outsourcing is a business strategy which should be aimed to increase efficiency, lower costs, maintain transparency, align the core standards, asses and outline the work expectations. If you invest in it by putting the required amount of efforts, it would make the company gain great returns and would prove to become an asset in the long run.