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Have you spent an inordinate amount of time trying to find new business leads? Did you feel disappointed at the quality of leads that you buy from vendors? What good is a “fresh lead” if they do not invest in your product or service?

Leads database is only as good as their conversion rates. How much time and resources are you willing to allocate on a dead database? Rather than complaining about the quality of lead set or the difficulty in promoting your business, channel your efforts in the right direction and get desired results without investing heavily on new set of leads.

Did you know that to convert a prospect into a lead, and finally into a customer does not require expensive marketing tools? All you need to do is recognize these psychological triggers that are responsible for actual conversion. Let us discuss each one in detail-

Explain the Rewards

The best way to sell your products or service to a new customer is to educate them about the rewards. Once you have actively triggered the user’s pleasure centers, you can rest assured that they are not going anywhere!

Excite Them With Originality

As users, we are all looking for unique experiences and products. If you can convince your buyer that the product or service on their hands is completely new, it will stimulate the reward centers of their brain, convincing them to buy the product.

Tell Them Why

Rather than going around in circles, it is always better to explain to the prospect why they should become your customer and how your product/service will help. Never fail to use the incredible power of the word, “because.”

Alleviate Pain

If your product/service can alleviate pain in any way, you can stimulate your buyer’s mind into investing in you. This is the quickest way of turning leads into loyal customers.

Give Them Proof of Acceptance

It is hard to convert leads into customers in absence of proof about your product/service effectiveness. If you have any previous customers, ask them to review your product or services on social media. You can use this social media acceptance as an instrument to lure new customers. Referrals and case studies also go a long way in proving your point.

A Sense of Belonging

Who doesn’t like to be a part of something consequential? When marketing yourself, educate your potential customers about the number of people who are already onboard with you. You can also promote a “call to action” that will make the users feel a sense of belonging with your project.

Capitalize on Their Fear

Its really not as bad as it sounds! This generation is leaving with the fear of missing out. By channeling this fear towards your product/service, you can instigate your leads to become your customers. After all, who likes to miss out on a good thing? The best way to do that is to limit the quantity of products you are rolling out or offers available for the select few.

Using psychological triggers to your competitive advantage is not everyone’s forte. We, at ExpertCallers, are specialists of building exclusive relationships with customers using the science of behavior and mind. We have been in the industry for over decade and have now perfected the art of using customer experiences to our advantage. If you are looking for outsourced customer centric partner, speak to our experts today.