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Is accelerating sales funnel one of your top business goals for 2017? If yes, then you must start making lead nurturing as one of the core pillars of your marketing strategy. This is because, as per a recent research, lead nurturing increases chances of transforming leads into revenue generating deals by nearly 20%. But, to be successful in this endeavor you have implement certain tactics and this blog is dedicated to uncovering these-

Build multi-channel lead nurturing model:

As per a recent report, as many as 46% of companies are using multi-channel lead nurturing approach to convert potential leads into buyers. And the reason for this is quite simple. In today’s competitive world, email campaigns (which has a mere 20% open rates) are not enough to convert your leads. You have to think out of the box and start investing in everything from automated marketing tools to social media sales campaigns to paid re-targeting mechanisms for nurturing and converting leads.

Targeted content is a life boat:

As per experts, content which is relevant to prospects increases the chances of lead conversion by 72%. But, the process of creating right content, for the right target, at right time is not so easy. For creating and delivering requirement aligned content, understanding comprehensive behavior of the buyer is critical.

Effective multiple touches are important:

As per Marketing lead Management Report, it takes almost 9 to 10 positive interactions with the prospects to convert them into customer. In these interactions companies have to answer few questions, impart knowledge and finally achieve the target of converting the lead. If these interactions are taken care of effectively, then chances of striking gold is very high.

Sales and marketing departments must work together:

It is true that if a company wants to excel in lead nurturing, sales and marketing department should unite and work closely to achieve a single target of converting leads to buyers. Both segments must compliment one another and combine their strengths to close deals.

Plausible follow-ups:

Follow-ups can do wonders when it comes to lead nurturing. And, if personalized follow-ups are done then chances of striking gold is even higher. Also, as per a research, chances of conversion increases to 21% if the prospect is reached out within 5 minutes.

Marketing automation is a good idea:

Market today is flooded with lead nurturing tools. Why not? After all sales funnel gets a boost when it is automated. Process like lead scoring gives the added advantage to the companies as they enable companies to identify leads that are most likely to convert and nurture them effectively to deliver sales.

Work extensively on nurture campaigns:

Companies should work on driving straightforward and targeted lead nurturing campaigns. Marketing teams should work extensively on these campaigns to avoid spamming and make sure that right massages reach the right people at right time.

All the above points will go a long way in nurturing the leads, but there is a word of caution here. Lead nurturing is a highly challenging and volatile field, which demands you to be on top your game at all times and come up with strategies that proactively delivers for you — a trait that we specialize in. Leveraging our 13 years of experience in the industry, we can design a flawless lead nurturing machine, which seamlessly converts leads into paying customers. Contact us to know more.