Customer Satisfaction Surveys

How to Create Successful Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Getting a customer satisfaction survey right is vital if you want to keep contact center working at peak productivity and customers happy. Importantly, each survey delivers an insight into whether customer’s needs are being met as they interact with an agent, and gives a company the ability to make changes to the working of a contact center on the fly. Given below are the top points that need to be taken into consideration when creating a customer satisfaction survey of your own or outsourcing it to a company.

Tailor your Survey

Setting up a customer satisfaction survey to fulfill a certain objective or even cater to a specific product is a safer bet, than just creating one to handle a wide variety of customers. By tailoring surveys to suit a specific customer set companies can ensure that results can be sifted through swiftly and changes made to the way calls and chats are handled.

Get a Survey out after a Customer Interaction Ends

The ability to outsource customer satisfaction surveys gives a company the added benefit of sending them out promptly once a customer finishes interacting with an agent in an inbound call center. This allows for companies to gauge the impact of customer support and whether problems are being resolved within the minimum time frame.

Ensure that it is Effectively Branded

Making a customer satisfaction survey stand out from among emails that arrive in an inbox will ensure that the end user actually takes time to complete it. In order to do this, ensure that the survey is composed of the right logos related to your business and the graphics and text are outstanding.

Make Sure Surveys are Mobile Friendly

Ensuring that a survey is mobile friendly in addition to also displaying well on a laptop increases the chances that it will be completed by the customer. Mobile friendly surveys allow for customers to complete them when they are on the go or at lunch, and they also give an impression that can they can be easily finished compared to those that are email based.

Reference Specific Products

Putting emphasis on specific products such as a vacuum cleaner after a service related call helps build customer satisfaction about the product. It also shows the customer that the company cares about their feedback and is looking forward to incorporate it into future models, which encourages them to remain loyal.

Post Positive Feedback on Public Forums

Positive feedback received in your customer satisfaction surveys, if posted on your social media handles or website, can help drive sales. Setting up a seamless process for outsourcing customer satisfaction survey also means that your company can create them frequently and use them for customer acquisition and even drive sales for new products.

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