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Cross-selling and Up-selling Best Practices for Contact Centers

Companies’ next big focus after investment is selling and revenue generation. Though, there is no perfect formula of sky touching stocks but establishing a good contact center within the company or outside has been in full drive from past few years. However, establishing a contact center is not enough, you need to focus on best cross- selling and up-selling techniques to acquire a new customer and sustain existing one.

Here are Few Tips to Make your Customers Respond Positively to these Practices:

  • Wait for the Right Time :

    In cross-selling and up-selling, timings play a very important role. If you start selling a product to a frustrated customer who has reached out in order to complain about the last buy, then the consequences can be devastating. At that moment, customer would want you to address their existing problem and rather than expecting you to jump on to something else.

    Therefore, as per a research the best time to shift a consumer focus towards a product is at the end of the call, when all his complaints are sorted effectively and he is almost satisfied.

  • Push but don’t be Pushy :

    In contact centers, at times push becomes too pushy – i.e., consumer may get a feeling of being manipulated -- and get your executive in wrong book of the customer. The trick to cross-sell or up-sell effectively is, every time the customer should get an impression that you are only sharing the information and making them educate about new launches or existing needful products so that it drives them to buy rather than get a feeling of being pushed up rigorously to buy something.

  • Product Blending :

    In order to make a customer buy number of units of product, you can always blend them up. Blending various useful products as per the consumer needs compels them to avail more discounts and increase their purchase.

  • Embracing those Special Days :

    Special days of customers like birthday, anniversary, etc., can be used to reach out to them with special offers. Customized discounts can be offered in order to make them feel special and unlock the scope of future purchase. This will increase the graph of loyal customers and make them aware about your new products, services and discounts.

Use these tips to increase the effectiveness of your up-selling and cross-selling endeavors. In case you need any other assistance with regards to cross-selling and up-selling services or considering the outsourcing route for inbound sales, we are here to help. By using an effective mix of experienced resources, best-of-the-breed technologies and streamlined processes, we deliver customized up-selling and cross-selling strategies that deliver optimal results.